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Perhaps the most familiar and traditional of fencing systems on the market, chain link fencing still remains popular and in wide use for a number of applications.

A very cost effective solution to segregate larger areas of land particularly in low and medium security risk sites, chainlink is a very versatile solution.

Sizing Examples by Application

Chain link can be procured in many different heights, for example:

  • Typically 1 to 1.8 metres in height for domestic property
  • Commercial applications up to 3 metres

The fence can be offered with matching gates and is generally offered with galvanised angle or RHS posts, we can provide concrete posts for those with this specific requirement. All posts can be provided with a cranked or extended straight top to support traditionally strands of barbed wire or coils of razor wire for greater security needs.

The most popular height is 1.8 metres as a stand alone fence or topped with wire to bring the secure height to 2.1 metres.

Chain Link Fencing comes in many Grades

The basic chainlink fence system is a coated PVC bright steel wire with more substantial materials being offered galvanised core or galvanised only. Chain link fencing is offered most commonly in RAL 6005 Moss Green, RAL 9005 Black or galvanised.


Palisade fencing

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Palisade Fencing

Devon and Cornwall

PFC erect quality Palisade fencing covering Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. Our Palisade fencing is available in 'w' & D section. One of the main benefits of Palisade fencing is that it is easily installed, meaning that it is an ideal security fencing solution for most sites.

Palisade Fencing and Gates to suit individual customer requirements. The length, thickness and style can all be varied as per your specification, we offer a variety of designs to choose from with the option of powder coating to an RAL colour of your choice.

Our range of security fencing solutions is constantly increasing all our fencing solutions are designed to help you achieve maximum protection around your premises.

A team of experienced and skilled security fencing specialists who will help you decide which of our security fence or security gate options is most suitable for your property.

Schools / Industrial areas

Bastion -Weldmesh systems

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Bastion Fencing

Devon and Cornwall

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Welded wire mesh fencing systems are also being widely supported by local authorities and conservation groups as clients become aware of more aesthetically pleasing security fencing solutions.

Cost Effective without Compromise

Despite this having a wire mesh fence need not mean a compromise in security. The entry level wire mesh fence is the widely used chainlink system, this is popular in domestic environments, sites of low or medium security demand, tennis courts and other sports venues etc, offering a solution for larger metreages at a more affordable price, for further details of our chainink products please see our chainlink fencing page here on the website.

The next step is the now hugely popular single wire systems, offered in many heights and designs, these panels are solid and robust with excellent anti-climb measures, favoured by designers because of the discreet design many local authorities are favouring such systems ahead of more traditional palisade security fence systems. The design of these products means you get the strength and resilience of a quality fence system offered at a much more affordable price owing to the negligible material weights.